By eck! It’s Le Tour de France Sale

The rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales aren’t accustom to playing host to the Tour de France but we’ve been treated to some spectacular scenery, and racing, over the past few days. This has got me feeling nostalgic not only because I used to live there but I also need to dust down my bike and do some exercise! To get me motivated I’ve pulled together a Tour de France special with a look at some of the best offers from cycle sales online.

wiggle have a couple of Tour de France specials running until July 14, 2014. You can save £15 on every £100 you spend at wiggle using code TDF-1 or save £40 on every £200 you spend using code TDF-2. We’ve picked a few things out you might like.

Tour de France UK Graphic T-Shirt

Tour de France UK Graphic T-Shirt

If you’re not big in to cycling but still want to join in the celebrations then why not look the part with this fabulous Tour de France graphic print t-shirt.

Mekk Poggio 1.5a

Mekk 2G Poggio P1.5 Sora

This looks like the bike for me – and at 28% off in the sale the price looks pretty good too! With 3K monocoque carbon fibre construction, at this price point, The Mekk Poggio 1.5 is the perfect ride for any value conscious road rider. Drawing from years of industry experience the Mekk range proves what they tell you in their ads and you can have a top quality for less.

Shimano R107 Road Cycle Shoe

Shimano R107 Road Cycle Shoe

Shimano are the world’s most well known cycle component brand. Established in 1921 when the first cycle freewheel was forged, Shimano produce pretty much every cycle accessory you can think of. These cycle shoes are full featured light weight performance shoe, perfect for club racers and enthusiasts.

Competitive Cyclist are holding their annual Tour sale and adding new deals daily so be sure to keep checking back to snap up a bargain.

de marchi c+womens jersey
The Contour Plus might just be the best women’s-specific jersey that De Marchi’s ever created. We say this because, after examining the specific fabric panels used to build the jersey, we see exactly where the ‘contour’ in the C+ name originates. Each of the four materials chosen for the jersey were cut on a curve in order to replicate the female’s body while in the cycling position. We always knew attention to fit details weren’t to be taken lightly with the Italian designers, and the De Marchi C+ is certainly no exception.

fi'z:k r5 donna shoe womens

Fi’z:k R% Donna shoe

What happens when you forgo kangaroo leather and Microtex for mesh and Microtex? Around a 26 gram weight reduction, actually. This is one of the defining features that separate the Fi’zi:k R3 Donna and the R5 Donna Shoes, and in our opinion, this makes the R5 almost more desirable.

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