Handbags online: The definitive guide to choosing a designer look

Not since the early 1900s when the term handbag came into fashion (funnily enough, originally for men’s bags) has there been better value handbags available online. A wide range of designers are now available at low cost and great value so there’s never been a better time to find your next handbag online.

Where to begin…

Before searching online for your designer handbag the two things you’ll want to ask yourself are “where am I going to be wearing this handbag” and “what outfits will it need to go with”? A handbag for everyday use at the office or catching up with friends will be very different to a handbag to go with a new outfit on a night out.

You’ll probably already have a selection of handbags in your wardrobe in a range of colours – black, white or brown to match your outfits. A brown handbag is an all year round classic and easy to match with a range of clothes both for day and nightwear.

To compliment any outfit have a look at this stylish and sleek Fendi brown jacquard bag. The canvas and leather compliment each other beautifully and are set off by the polished gold tone hardware.


Handbags shapes and sizes

Handbags come in many styles, shapes and sizes including clutches, handhelds, shoulder bags and totes.

Tote handbags

Totes are wide and open bags with a handle centred on top of each side. The word tote literally means “to carry” and these bags are practical as well as fashionable – able to hold a wide range of everyday items you might need.

For a modern take on a classic tote bag have a look at this Yves Saint Laurent orange soft brush pebbled leather bag. This bag has all the right eye-catching details and will provide the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.


If you need to supercharge your tote handbag then look no further than this Clare Vivier carry all tote! An oversized bag ideal for travelling or as an overnight bag, the lime green accent will certainly stand out in a crowd.


Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags, as the named would suggest are primarily worn over the shoulder and are popular all year round. For a great spring/summer look this whimsical Kate Spade bag is the perfect size to fit all your essentials. Made of wicker and shaped like a lemon, with logo tags as the leaves there are hidden magnets open to the lined interior. The snake-chain strap tucks inside when not in use.


Clutches and handheld bags

Clutches are held in the hand and as such are lightweight handbags which can only carry your essentials for the night. Handheld bags are very similar to clutches in size and style but the difference is they have handles.

As clutch handbags do not have handles, they have to be held in your hand or can be carried under your arm. As such they can be a great accessory for evening wear and a perfect accompanying item to jazz up a stylish little black dress.



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