New year, new… you

The first month of the year can be hard, waiting for credit card bills to arrive and if you live in the UK, a long month of cold, dark mornings and nights – no need to brag Australia, we know you’re enjoying summer…
January then gets even harder when you step on those scales to inspect the damage after a food and drink filled festive period.
Fear not though, now is a good time of year to kick off a new exercise regime – those endorphins will see you through to better days.

Running is a great all-over body exercise, it gets you outside to enjoy some fresh air and best of all, once you’ve got the gear, you can run anywhere and anytime for free.

running gear

Pick a pair of bright running shoes like these above from Puma, or for those who like the barefoot feel, these from Vivobarefoot, which will help brighten your mood – especially good for those days when you need a bit more motivation than usual.
This New Balance neon pink vest or neon green t-shirt will ensure you can’t be missed and can help keep you safe while running on the road.


For those, who like their exercise to help mind and body, try these yoga pants from Old Navy – or to inject some fun into classes, pretend you’re Wonder Woman while holding your downward dog pose in these trousers from Thinkgeek. For men, these pants from prAna Sutra will not only keep you comfortable while exercising, they are also ecologically friendly.

civilian bicycle

Swap your car or the bus for a bike and use your commute as time to exercise. This Civilian Bicycle will mean that you can beat the traffic jams, while getting fit at the same time.


Or if boards are more your thing, try this Gold Coast Standard Longboard or Surftech Merrick Flyer Surfboard.

Whatever exercise you decide, make sure to treat those tired muscles with this Body Rehab Scrub and Muscle Soak, which will leave you refreshed, relaxed and ready for more.

jack black body scrub

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