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If you’ve been hibernating over winter and feel a bit loose around the edges, now is the time to dust off your Lycra and get yourself into gear.

No more excuses, this is where the rubber hits the road. It’s time to get on yer bike!

Our UK expert road racer Jason Swann casts his eye over the latest discount offerings from Competitive Cyclist and picks out his top 5 deals.

Magura caliper

Magura USA RT8 TT Brake Caliper System

With the amount of technology being poured into tiny innovations in cycling these days, it’s rare to find a real game-changer. As professional auto racing teams know, the quickest, cheapest way to pull better times at the track is to upgrade the brakes. More powerful brakes mean you can brake later. That means you can go faster, longer. Magura RT8 Hydraulic Brake Calipers aren’t scrapping for a tenth of a second. They’re changing the way you race by letting you go fast longer with much more powerful braking, better aerodynamics, and a weight that’s comparable to the lightest mechanical caliper brakes on the market.


Castelli Confronto Jacket

Let’s face it, a dependable jacket makes the difference between sitting at home and riding your bike on a rainy day. However, while many jacket makers make claims of waterproofness and breathability, a select few actually exert the time and money to test these claims. Not surprisingly, Castelli is one of these rare breeds, and its new Confronto Jacket proves just what a little obsessive TLC will do.

pearl izumi jacket

Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Barrier WxB Jacket – Men’s

When it’s raining so hard that waterfalls form on your porch stairs, when you’re pretty sure you shouldn’t wear those new shoes on the ride, no matter how sexy they are, protect your core with the Pearl Izumi Men’s P.R.O. Barrier WxB Jacket.

pearl izumi elite jacket

Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Convertible Jacket

When your Saturday ride is interrupted by bouts of drizzle, don’t let the allure of the doughnut shop pull you in before your legs get their fill. The Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Convertible Jacket keeps the mist at bay while you ride your day away.

ridley x-ride shimano bike

Ridley X-Ride/Shimano 105 Disc Complete Bike

While carbon fiber has quickly become the material du jour for elite level ‘cross race bikes, there’s still a committed group of racers who prefer to ride aluminum frames. And when your bike handles as well as the Ridley X-Ride/Shimano 105 Disc Complete Bike, it’s easy to see why. The triple butted tubeset yields a ride that’s both spirited, and surprisingly smooth, while the oversized tapered head tube keeps the steering precise when the ruts start getting deep. And with a sensible build kit that’s ready for a season of circuit laps, you’d be forgiven for asking why you need anything fancier.

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